Sunday, July 9, 2017

I'm a brand new blogger, so, I will start with the Preface to the travel guide my husband and I recently wrote:

 Preface to "A Travel Guide to Packing Light and Safe Travels" by Ray and Carrie Carpenter.

My husband , Ray, and I are both retired and have found the love of travel.  We started traveling before retirement and about the same time, we started our business, selling travel gear.  Our travel agent (yes we use a travel agent) invited us to set up a small travel store inside his travel agency, and the fun began.

So far, we've done 5 cruises with land trips on either end of the cruises.  We figure that if we've gone that far to get on a ship, we might as well spend time in the countries we start and end in.

Besides the cruises, we've done a number of land tour's of Europe, including, Great Britain.  These "tours" have been mostly on our own, without going with a group, and using our travel agent to help us plan the trips. 

Because we have a travel goods store, we've had the opportunity to experiment with many different kinds of luggage and travel gear.  We think we've found the most durable luggage, and the safest, anti-theft bags available.  We not only use this gear, but, we sell it to our customers with the greatest of confidence.  (No complaints, so far!)

More about our gear later.

As of this latest writing, we are planning a cruise from Japan to Australia.  We'll spend 8 nights in Japan, before we get ont he ship, and 5 nights in Sidney, Australia, after the cruise.  Let's see if I can follow my own best advice on packing light on this longer trip, as I did for shorter trips.

Now the fun begins!

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