Sunday, September 24, 2017

More on Train Stations

Starbucks inside the Copenhagen Train Station
I promised, a bit ago, to post more on train stations, from our travels.  These places just are so fascinating and we've gotten enjoyment hanging out here, waiting for our train.  We usually go early to scope out the track we will be wanting when boarding out specific train.  Once you learn how to read the schedule boards, and, you ticket, it's easy.  Sometimes just takes a bit of investigation. 

Once, when we docked in Venus, we got off the boat to scope out where to catch a bus, the day ahead, and, it paid off, big time.  We thought we would head to the train station and check out the bus schedule, just to find out that the bus didn't leave from the train station, but, from a place about a mile in the other direction from the dock.  Since we were checking on this early, there was no panic, we just jumped on a "People Mover" and headed to where we were directed for the bus pickup.  If it had been the day we were actually leaving, it would have missed the bus to Vienna.  The next day, we disembarked the ship, and headed back to the People Mover, and on to the bus station.  There we waited with other tourists, and were confident we were in the right place.  Even had others asking us if this is where you catch the bus to Vienna.  Yay!

Now, that was not a story about catching the train, we have done similar "scouting missions" for catching a train as well.

Not only are train stations the location for catching a train, they can be great shopping and eating experiences.  You'll find great gift shops (for when you're needing that gift for family and friends back home), food shops, eating and drinking establishments, and coffee shops!

I'm telling you now, of our newest challenge and that will be:  Tokoyo Train Station!  Yikes!  Double Yikes!  If you have any tips, let us know.  When we get to Tokyo, in about 5 weeks, we'll have a day to scope out the train station.  We are taking the, for lack of the proper term, the Bullet Train, to Kyoto, for a three day stay, and then back again to Tokyo.

Here are a few photos of train stations we've been to.

Gare Du Nord, Paris (I didn't take this one)
Copenhagen train station

Inside Copenhagen Train Station, I was interested in the architecture here.

Starbucks, Copenhagen Train Station

Hundreds and Hundreds of Bikes outside the Copenhagen Train Station

Munich Central Train Station

Paddington Station, London

Interlaken, Switzerland

Washington, DC, Subway

Victoria Station, London

Switzerland, on the way to Top of Europe (Jungfraujoch)

I have this labeled as Victoria Train Station, but, it's been a while since we've been there, so, not 100% sure.


Sunday, September 10, 2017

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